Mom Like Whoa

The adventures of Carmela and Ruby

Thank you Sacha for the awesome blue “R” birthday cake!

Little ballerinas :)

First day of school!!!!

Visiting their school last Friday, Ruby’s assessment of the day was “I’m gonna get out of that” lol

So I hope this isn’t too presumptuous but Ruby has actually been like, asking me to put things on her list to get her for her birthday and I thought I would share with anyone who may be reading this ;) my favorite was when she asked for the Tonka truck, she saw one at the beach and was just like, “Can you get me one for my birthday?”

They wanted to play on the porch; Ruby tried to break open the door with a fork. she is almost 3- this is going to be interesting :-p

Sesame place :) it was nice to see Ruby so happy lol

I’m getting so big :(

This disgusting huge bug crawled onto Carmela in the sandbox the other day; she was a little traumatized, understandably :-( gross, right?